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Visiting Rome

Visiting Italy – Summer 2014

Meet the Suitcase Foodist Team – Greg & Lydia.  We met in a bookstore, fell in love over climbing, dream together in travels, and relish converging daily over food.

The heart of Suitcase Foodist is weaving a story around the flavors, friends and family that bring us to the table.  It is wrapped in our love of travel around town and around the world, sprinkled with a sense of adventure and curiosity with a dollop of humor on the side.

Food is universal and unifying – it binds us to one another with an instant commonality.  We all eat.  By adding a table and a conversation, barriers break down, friendships are created, souls are touched, and hearts mended.

The Suitcase Foodist brings together recipes, stories, resources, fables and old wives tales from our own little corner of the world as well as from some corners on the other side of the world.  Join us in a toast and a tip of the glass. Stay. Be welcome. Linger and hopefully leave refreshed.

Lydia in a Giant Pumpkin

Lydia – in an 800 lb pumpkin.

A bit about Lydia:

  • An accidental pack rat.  Don’t know how I end up with this stuff… I just don’t know.
  • Mama to a kitty named ‘Kitty.’  We never were able to agree on a name, after 2 years we gave up.
  • 100% solar powered.  NEED my sunshine. Married to a man who is nuclear powered.
  • Never bored. Sometimes productive. Always content
  • Not afraid to paddle a giant pumpkin across a lake. Or back off a cliff with a rope. Or jump out of an airplane.  I have proof.
  • Reluctantly stationary nomad.
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Greg in his happy place

The scoop from Greg:

Precise in all things – to a fault; perhaps.
Endlessly observant world watcher, I wouldn’t want to miss anything.
A warrior at soul, long time martial arts student.
Migratory obsessive, until I master it, I’m not finished with it.
Eternal student, there is always something to fill my brain with.
Rock-a-holic, in my dreams I’m a sponsored rock climber and outdoor explorer.