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Bits & Bobs: Suitcase Foodist in 2015

Bits & Bobs: Suitcase Foodist in 2015

Bits & Bobs: Suitcase Foodist in 2015

This past year was a wild ride.  So wild in fact that I am still catching my breath!  Here are a few of the adventures:

I wanted to showcase our top 8 posts from last year – as well as a few of my favorites that were overlooked in 2015.  Check them out!

#1 Dutch Oven BBQ Chicken

Bright Kaffir Lime Curd - Suitcase Foodist

#2 Kaffir Lime Curd

Lemon Rice Soup: Simple ingredients, straight comfort


#3 Lemon Rice Soup

This Creamy Cauliflower Soup has ZERO cream and only 4! Ingredients {Vegan} {Vegetarian} {Dairy-Free} | Suitcase Foodist

#4 Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Soup w/o the Cream

Raspberry Italian Semifreddo

#5 Vegan Raspberry Semifreddo

Easy Steamed Mussels | Suitcase Foodist

#6 Buttery Hatch Chile Steamed Mussels

Just take a moment at breathe it in. Ginger-Turmeric Tonic Tea

#7 Turmeric Ginger Tonic Tea

#8 Dutch Oven Beer Bread

And 4 of my faves that deserve a little more loving:

Easy Chocolatey Porter Cake | Suitcase Foodist

Chocolatey Porter Cake

Rhubarb Shrub by Suitcase Foodist

Rhubarb Shrub

This rich semifreddo combines chocolate & biscotti cookie butter for a blow your mind dessert! | Suitcase Foodist

Chocolate Biscoff Semifreddo

Suitcase Foodist Recipe for Migitas or Migas


Wishing you and yours the very happiest of New Years! And cheers to 2016!

This year:  India / Florida / Peru / LA / Denver / Chicago

Food Goals: Learn to make pasta (really!)

Blog Goals: 65 posts / More Travel / 12 Partnerships / Fridge Voyeur Series

Feel free to hold me to it!

– Lydia, in 2016